1. The most common/easiest way to drop your GPA in high school

2. If you happen to be a scientific prodigy, then its that magic nap time every other day...
1. Dude, i woulda had a 4.0 if it wasn't for that damn physics test. When the hell am i ever gonna need to know about the quantum electrodynamic theory!?!?!?!?!?!??!
by Mindgames238 November 01, 2009
A very confusing world that I do not like.
- learning physics sucks ass
- I totally agree
by x-blink-a-holic-x February 24, 2005
(n): A discipline concerned with the physical sciences which seeks to explain the natural laws that surround us by way of inventing imprecise measuring techniques and devices, forcing computer science students into having to suffer through 5 credit hours of pure nonsense which will have no bearing on their goals or their future, minus the fact that physics really does play a part in daily life--albeit hidden in the shadows, not playing any part in earning the daily bread, and having nothing to do with algorithms or data structures. Anyone who believes this is an integral part of a computer science degree should go suck eggs.
"Chemistry and Physics make up the physical sciences." "Physics should play no part in a computer science degree." "Unless someone is a student of physics, introductory physics should be the most any computer science student should have to endure." "Physics is a punishing and traumatic event in the academic life of the computer scientist, even if they're a 4.0 (A) student." "I taught chemistry while earning my CS degree, so don't get me wrong, I simply have a distaste for physics because the lab instructor was determined to prove the law of conservation of pain--the herpes rash around his anus transferred into anal retentive atmosphere in his lab."
by Computer Scientist January 18, 2006
According to the song "Gronlandic Edit" by Of Montreal, we fell back to Earth like gravity's bitches. So, physics makes us all its bitches.
A: Hey bitch.
B: I'm not your bitch. I'm physics' bitch.
A: Says who?
B: Says Of Montreal, that's who.
by JCUZZZ April 12, 2010
Sex. Based on the idea of "Let's Get Physical"

The study of forces involving pelvic regions.
Hey baby, you wanna study some physics back at my place?
by Jonhathan Doe December 03, 2007
Applied Math.
The student's physics notes were filled with as many equations as his roommate's calculus notes.

The physics major knew that physics involved a lot of math, so he reasoned that if he were to excel at physics, he'd better be freakin' awesome at math.
by c.eliz March 23, 2010
Block of science that determines whether shit will hit the fan or not.
Bob: Damn, shit hit the fan!
Bill: Well, through physics we can find out if the shit actually hit the fan. What was the velocity and force?
Bob: *punches bill*
by gollom like creature September 25, 2013

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