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My father and mentor in electronica.
AwesomeAnDrEw420: 4 hours, 16 minutes, 12 seconds of Hardcore.
Mecha Deltron: =-O
Mecha Deltron: DI?
AwesomeAnDrEw420: Yes.
Mecha Deltron: 8-)
by Del March 13, 2004
Langer! Can have a few different meanings!
Yer man's a Langer!
I was Langers last night biy!
by Del December 11, 2003
someone who cant hold it in...enough said!
Danny is a bladdersplatter
by Del February 25, 2005
Class where we learn about the heterosexual teacher's man-eating goat Gilbert, and learn nothing whatsoever about energy.

We also learn about her 3 horses, each of which's life story can be recited by the entire class.
Me: Hey, i dont understand this power shit...can you help me?
Teacher: No, but that does remind me of a shitty story about the time when my horse Biscuit...
by Del May 16, 2004
Dumbfounded or Dumbstruck
The boy was struck dumb when he seen his father being shot
by Del April 20, 2004
Joe: Also known as the "Generation X Jesus"
Jebus X and Cricketeer VI tear up Egypt.
by Del June 14, 2003
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