an acronym for masturbation; masturbation:

Pull / (ing)
Sex organs
When being told to explore new horizons,

"You should practice PHYSICS."
"Yes ma'am!"
by Browniezz October 12, 2009
Physics 'fızıks
n(functioning as singular)

(Physics/ General Physics)
branch of science concerned with using extremely long and complicated formulas to describe how a ball rolls.
How to find an objects altitude using mechanical physics:
r=v*t+ 1/2*gt^2
by meandmysel May 13, 2014
1) The physics toughest science class there is in both high school and college levels. Physics deals with how the things in the world function. Topics include kinematics, mechanics, thermodynamics, dynamics, displacement, etc.
It is known to be the only class that uses the metric system as a standard, and it revolves around being able to use Algebra and Trigonometry skills
2) A pain in the ass
1)Wow, this book accelerated all the way to the floor with an acceleration rate of 9.8m/s^2 from a height of 6.2 meters, and the initial velocity was 0m/s. Can you find the final velocity of the book?

2)Mr. Doetzer grades physics lab reports so strictly that even spending 4 or 5 hours of your life in it will still get you a C-...should have taken basket weaving 101
by Undeadtemplar88 January 17, 2006
The exaggerated motion of a female characters' breasts in video games, particularly fighting games. Popularized by the Dead or Alive series of games.
Taki's got some serious physics in Soul Calibur III.
by engee July 07, 2006
The utter and mercyless pwnage of millioins of kids around the world, especially blond ones, in which their submissive minds cannot comprehend or distinguish the equations givin in a organized and subservient mannor, and are therefore demmolished on the up comming test about the inverse equations of wat they have worked hard to study
Work this physics equation out:

Bill was out farming when he heard an explosion 2000m away, the sound of the explosion took 2.76s to get to him....what is the season?

yes this is a real equation, and yes it can be answered
by GURGITE January 11, 2006
when ass/boobs giggle when hot girls walk by
"She got an 'A' in physics" or "Check out the physics over there" or "The Physics at our school sucks"
by cox March 10, 2005
1. a genius's paradise. euphoria. better then sex.
2. hell.
3. a science class you take in high school. it's like math class, only more complicated. it sucks. don't take it if you don't have to.
1. Wow, physics makes me all hot and bothered. e = mc2!!
2. I got a 64% in physics and all i want to do is become an artist, not a fucking physicist, therefore, i fail high school and life just because i don't give a shit about einstien and how his balls dropped at the same rate as a pendgilum or whatever.
by high school student November 01, 2005
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