Commonly taught by older women wearing kitty-kat print sweaters. It's fun if you understand it, sucks if you don't, some are constantly in the median.
P=mv (momentum = mass times velocity)
Simple enough.
Try this: Impulse = m times change in velocity = change in momentum.

All equal to each other.
by Chloeeee November 13, 2003
'da greatest of 'da sciences, 'yo! dis here discipline lets you look up mother nature's skirt and damn, if it aint all crazy up in there. 'ya feel me bra?

and all you haters gonna tell me that physics is boring, physics sucks...well it just aint so. don't judge physics by your high school physics class where your teacher was probably some old white guy who mumbled at the board. open up your eyes and look around you -- physics gives you the tools to examine the world and understand how things work. we might as well apply that to social structures & change things for the better. physics=power, 'yo. study it.
guuurl! you do physics? damn, now aint that sexy!
by physics playa November 29, 2006
Physics 'fızıks
n(functioning as singular)

(Physics/ General Physics)
branch of science concerned with using extremely long and complicated formulas to describe how a ball rolls.
How to find an objects altitude using mechanical physics:
r=v*t+ 1/2*gt^2
by meandmysel May 13, 2014
Block of science that determines whether shit will hit the fan or not.
Bob: Damn, shit hit the fan!
Bill: Well, through physics we can find out if the shit actually hit the fan. What was the velocity and force?
Bob: *punches bill*
by gollom like creature September 25, 2013
You may think think Physics is boring or stupid, but without physics there would be no strong and weak nuclear forces that hold atoms together, so there would be no atoms, just protons, neutrons and electrons.

Also there would be no electricity that powers your computer or cell phone, no magnetism that takes part in power production. No gravitational force would keep your feet on the earth or the atmosphere around us, no normal force would push back on your. You would just slilde around, without static or kinetic friction. You wouldn't be able to open a door without torque. And many, many more things...
So understand, without physics nothing would exist, everything would be total chaos.
Without Physics you and everything else wouldn't be here.
by thephysicsgirl May 31, 2012
To purge, create a laxative effect resulting in weapons grade flatulence and splattering shite all over the toilet.
Grandpa Will has been rocking the Jack LaLanne juicer again! Verl says that "physics" him! Why does he have to use our toilet at the Christmas party!
by Thebiglebowski10 December 28, 2010
an acronym for masturbation; masturbation:

Pull / (ing)
Sex organs
When being told to explore new horizons,

"You should practice PHYSICS."
"Yes ma'am!"
by Browniezz October 12, 2009

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