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The art or practice of throwing stolen phonebook(s) at an unsuspecting bystander, usually done from within a moving vehicle at night. The phonebook does not have to hit the victim nor skim them, but merely be projected in their generally direction. The launch is then often followed by a tagline such as "Jigga What!" The target is usually left speechless, and before they can even begin to process the event, the vehicle is out of sight. Going around for multiple hits on a single target is optional.
"We went phonebooking last night."

"And then a fuckin PHONEBOOK flies out of nowhere, hits me in the chest, and they dissapear while shouting 'HOW DA YA LIKE THAT?' ... I have no idea who the hell they even were."
by thetonio September 29, 2006
The act of accessing FaceBook from your cell phone.
My laptop is down so I am on Facebook from my cell phone....God I hate phonebooking!
by CavesWoman September 30, 2010
The act of beating a person repeatedly with one or more phonebooks. Originally intended to prove that any noun can be made into a verb.
"Where's that short guy with glasses, I just got the new yellow pages and I'm up for some serious phonebooking."
by deeceeo October 14, 2004
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