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A person who never uses Facebook for social networking but rather to accumulate an alphabetical list of people like a phonebook. A Facebooker that uses Facebook soley to respond to friend requests, but never posts a single status update, makes comments or even has a profile picture.
"Jane is such a phonebooker! She has 333 friends on Facebook and has never posted anything on her profile, not even a picture."

"Don't be such a phonebooker! Update your status every once in awhile!"
#phonebook #facebook #profile #status #update #list #friend #social network #facebooker
by youknowyadayada February 15, 2010
A person that only uses Facebook on a Phone, cant keep up with anything and is always asking out-of-touch questions.

Or flat out ignoring everything on Facebook while constantly posting personal events as if they are on Twitter.
"I'm really getting tired of all the PhoneBookers who post what they are eating for dinner, but what really gets to me is all the Phonebookers who comment, "WHERE CAN I BUY THIS" every time i post a photo to something in my ETSY shop because they cant find the links on a FN phone!"
#facebook #phonebook #phonebooker #twitter #clueless dumbasses
by ghm-327 November 30, 2012
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