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A device used to discipline a person who commits a party foul. The guilty offender is slapped in the face with a phonebook.
"John accidentally knocked over a cup playing beer pong, so we phonebooked his ass."
by Mizzikeee April 06, 2008
Verb: A child abuse strategy employing a phone book as a "protective" pad between the victim and a wrench. When used the phone book technique will result in severe internal injuries which don't photograph well, and are therefore less likely to be used against you in court. The over-all result is a more grievous and a more private injury.
I'm pretty drunk, but I still don't want to go back to jail. I guess I'll have to phone book my redheaded step kids.
by Stitecin and Kangarine October 29, 2006
The book one uses to find the phone number of their internet service provider when they can't get the internet to work on their own.
aw fuck dude, grab the phone book, my internet's fucked and I wanna show you this bitch stomp on this guys balls repeatedly... it's hot.
by Simon Lexington February 20, 2008
An ancient deviece used to find a person/business' phone number. Scientists have reciently discovered a link between these and a phone booth.

Description: very large, usually yellow, small print
Grandpa: "Hey Billy can I see your phonebook I need to get the doctors number."
Billy: "Phonebook? Is that english your speaking?"
Grandpa: "No Billy, Ill ask your mother..."
by tnigsTHe wise January 08, 2011
the act of hitting someone over the head with a phonebook at parties due to them knocking over a cup or spilling something; a rule of beer pong
"Hey did you see Pat get phonebooked the other night? It looked pretty rough."
"Yeah, we hit him so hard he fell down. Oh well, he deserved it."
by fellowpartythrower January 08, 2010
Used as to describe the appearance of someone...from the joke "she/he's so ugly his name shouldn't be in the phone book."
Two guys are at the park and a particulary ugly girl walks past them. They look at each other and say, "phone book!"
by dotlc1028 November 08, 2007
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