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A phizzle is any object or substance that a monkey picks out of another monkey's hair.
Dude, that monkey is totally eating that other monkey's phizzles.
by Philip Moon June 17, 2008
8 15
Phizzle comes from the english word telephone meaning phone
Cizzle izzle yizzle Yoizzle cizzle phizzle? foizzle shizzle mizzle nizzle
by Justin October 15, 2004
21 12
a hi-pitched sine-wave synth whistle popular with jazze pha and lil jon. c0mes from jazze phizzle whistle.
the phizzle makes that shit slump!
by Slapboyz October 02, 2006
8 8
AAVE (African American Vernacular English) used often in place of words beginning with "ph" (i.e. Phillip, Philae, etc.)
Hey, Phizzle, what's goin' on?
by Skitzo June 16, 2004
10 10
derived from punker slut version of stating " Damn gurl you fine"
yo phizzle fo shizzle gurl
by the original generic October 03, 2003
0 9