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a person who is a slut for punk rock guys. or someone who is generally attracted to street punkers in leather jackets, mohawks, and studs.
"did you see her undress for that street kid?"
"yeah shes such a punker slut"
by daracheri June 05, 2005

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n. A sexually promiscuous punk rocker esp. female.
by Jessy June 13, 2003
A selfrightious young person who sucks at life by society's standards but is has more fun than everybody else.
1Omg that girl is a punker slut
2yeah i kno
1 but she has fun
by Ally Lappin September 29, 2006
A sexually promiscuous punk rock chick.
"I saw a hot punkerslut at the bar last night!"
by Jessy June 11, 2003
n. A person who acts or says things most others don't understand.
by Marynella June 13, 2003
Any one of a class of minerals used to line toilet tanks and hazardous waste storage vats.
by Sleep-deprived Noder October 19, 2003