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Coricidin or DXM, in reference to the high frequency sound of one's brain frying after ingesting such chemicals, heard only by dogs.
That motherfucker ate a box of the cizzle and fucked a cat. Dude is seriously twisted.
by Mofockah July 03, 2007
Oxy-codon. A prescription pill that comes im various sizes from 10-80 mg. It is usually used to help very serious back pain. It contains lab synthesized heroine and can be very addictive. A pill called subutex is available to help the addiction.

Yo lets get some cizzle tonight so we can rail em and have a good time
by DK 42 March 26, 2008
coke.. cocaine - a hell of a drug according to Rick James.
after smoking cocaine, me and sara got drips.
by Jizzle February 15, 2005