the accent that people in the philly area have. its mostly just certain words that are pronounced differently. and it happens to be one of the most studied accents in the country.
word = regular way to say it = philly way to say it

water = wah-ter = wooder
about = uh-bowt = uh-beowt
down = down = deown
strawberries = straw-beh-reez = straw-burr-reez
prostitute = pros-tih-toot = pros-dee-toot
beautiful = byoo-tih-full = byoo-dee-full
out = owt = eoht
around = uh-rownd = uh-reownd
towel = tow-ell = tal
prayer = pray-er = prair
mayor = may-er = mair
how = how = heaow
bagels = bay-gullz = beggles

the OW sound is pronounced "eouw". it's hard to type you have to hear it.

that gives u an idea of the philly area accent. there are more i'm forgetting
by hiphophead293847 October 23, 2009
Top Definition
The accent of people from Philadelphia and South Jersey, please people do NOT confuse North & South Jersey, North Jersey is more like New York.
A Philly area accent pronounces words such as boat like boot, grass has a long A not a short A, the same for ass and other such words, we're not from England it's a LONG A!!!

Water is wooder

Phone sounds like phoon

This isn't an accent, but a way of life for people who speak in Philly, it is a HOAGIE not a sub, a sub goes in the water not in your mouth!

Oh, and if you diss a Philly team, especially the Eagles, you will hear plenty of the accent in cuss words and may forget this accent because of the blunt force to your head!
by TootziRollPop November 15, 2005
Dialect heard in eastern PA and Southern NJ (yeah we don't say 'Joisey' for christs sake,no one up north does either.) and Delaware(I think,flame me if Im wrong) It's a strange talk and it's hard to type sometimes.

go=goea or something like 'gew'

You get the idea.Anyway,we sound something like bam margera if you wanna hear it in action.
I'm only from South Jersey,so if any Philadelphians would like to correct any mistakes or add something,do it.

"Rocky" was a great film,but an insult to our dialect.
by yuuuup August 09, 2004
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