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A term used towards a woman to indicate hair that usually only grows and/or is visible in regions of a man. Regions include: Facial, Chest, Back, Armpits, and Buttox.

The word "Wair" does not relate to this term in any manner because men can grow hair anywhere.
Example 1: "Anita I really wanna fuck too but, before we do anything please remove that mair from your asshole."

Example 2: "Bro if we're gonna hook up at least shave that mair on your face."
by DJShotz51 February 11, 2012
20 9
Scottish for the word 'more'.
Nae mair pish. Means 'No more rubbish/piss'.
by irritant July 09, 2004
18 13
literally means "pubic hair" or simply "hair"...from tamil.
It`s used in as a slang in colloquial malayalam(Language of Kerala,India)...

"Mair" {Usage context}- Commonly used as fillers in sentences by youngsters...also for abusing people.

The degree of offence is equivalent to english words like asshole,bitch,fucker,dickhead....etc
by kamal raj August 31, 2008
17 23