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(1) n. One who phoons. (2) v. To stand motionless on one foot, tilted forward at the waist, with one bent arm held in front and the other bent arm held behind.
Walter told Sue to do a Phoon in front of the Tower of Pisa. Soon, several others around her were phooning, too.
by John Darrow November 07, 2003
1) v. phooning is the act of striking a pose where all the limbs are bent at the joints, and the body is bent forward at the waist. One of the arms is rotted towards the front, and the other is rotated towards the back. The foot not touching the ground hangs over your butt. Both arms should be on opposite sides, it doesen't matter which one is towards the front or back.
2) n. the picture of a phooning person
1) My friend asked me to phoon for him
2) MY friend uploaded my phoon on the net
by Gunkglumb May 28, 2005
To Phoon is to do a pose in a "running man" position. Phooning is accepted anywhere and wherever there is a camera.
While Jason and Brant were infront of me for a picture, Dylan took the picture of me doing the "Phoon" behind them.
by Wayne Drescher October 23, 2003
to strike a running pose in a photograph
I'll phoon these tourists when they ask you to take their picture in front of the Statue of Liberty.
by Zanzibar Latushka April 18, 2003
(suffix) - a lot of something, a barrage.
I'm gonna get her alone and its gonna be a freak-phoon.
by Rudi G. March 06, 2007
Thai for an over-sized clitoris.
Dude that chick I was with had a major phoon. I had to double up on her.
by saint of taint May 26, 2009
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