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How people from Philly pronounce water.
Can I have a glass of wooter?
by Bass April 02, 2005
One who woots. Woot!

If you woot, you are a wooter!
Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot!
by Bob882 September 11, 2004
Web forum- An exclamation. Usually in the positive. Also a way to salute in the positive.
I just got a huge turbo! WoOters!
WoOters to you sir!
by R.M. November 24, 2004
little kid's word for penis
douggy threw a wild pitch that hit sammy in the wooter
by danielwebsterjr April 16, 2010
A single cig from a pack of Newports
John: "aye man let me get one of them WOOTERS"
mike: " damn, i only got 2, can you smoke half of one?"
by NugZ GalorE January 20, 2010
A person who says woot constantly.
"woot woot woot."
"stop spaming you fuckin wooter."
by thewootenator November 14, 2009
another name for a female private part
I would hit that because she has a fat wooter.
by carrie and jessica June 08, 2007