For brothers on the street - Pimpin' Hos Degree
I gots myself a bunch o' bitches, and got my PhD!
by Fineyngman September 09, 2005
Acronym for: Post Holiday Depression

This condition develops when one returns from a nice holiday, and resumes their ordinary daily routine. Depression occurs as a result of carrying out boring tasks such as work in place of relaxing/partying.
Person 1: ''how was _____ (e.g. kavos) ?''

Person 2: Sick bro, but I'm already getting some serious PHD. I've got work in a few hours.
by BobbySK August 02, 2011
Pretentious hipster Douchebag degree, certifying that one is apt to frequent internet comment boards; argue for the immortality of Uwe Boll and/or think the country at large should pay attention to Williamsburg instead of nuke it.
I see by your ascot you've received your PhD.
Pimping Hoes Degree, its the degree that all pimps get to pimp whores.
I got my PhD at Pimp Universitie
by Bob I. March 10, 2008
PHD is usually confused by many people as something entirely different. A PHD is when you get a high qualification, a doctorate. It is usually mistaken for standing for 'Pretty Huge Dick'
<Shower room, Cambridge University>
Dr.Ralph: Whoa! Where'd you get your PHD?
Dr. Paedo: It was actually at this University not long ago. A proud acheivement!
Dr Ralph: Ahh, A late bloomer where you? Well I wish mine was as big!
Dr. Paedo: huh? You have one too!
Dr Ralph: Well thanks, but yours is much bigger, its huge!
Dr. Paedo: What are we talking about here?
Dr. Ralph: Your PHD...pretty huge dick?
Dr. Paedo: Oh haha! I'm afraid my poor friend that you have been misinformed. PHD is a qualification such as ours! A doctorate!
Dr. Ralph: Oh I see!!!
by Slow_Hands January 23, 2005
Pretty Heavy Dumper. Used to describe an ass that is quite large; not complimentary.
On the ass scale: bandonkadonk < junk in the trunk < PhD < SUV in the pants
guy 1: 'Dude, your girl has a PhD.'
guy 2: 'Go fuck yourself; she's hot.'
guy 1: 'I like big butts and I cannot lie....'
by Michael Perna January 17, 2009
Palestinian holocaust denier
Yeah he is Jewish... but not the PHD type! His money doesn't support Israel's occupation.
by mr. Us December 30, 2008
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