An acronym for "Permanent Head Damage"
Landlord: How are you these days?
Tenant: I am close to graduation.
Landlord: You are still in school?! Are you a genius?!
Tenant: This PhD program takes a long time and makes me depressed all the time.
Landlord: Well, you are gonna be a suger dad very soon!
by phd candidate September 07, 2006
phd means a pretty huge dick
dude...i've got a phd
by jack ellsmen March 19, 2005
stands for Pretty Huge Dick
"you know all the girls love my PHD"
by connor January 19, 2005
playa hatas degree. what someone is said to have if they are a prude and always ragging on guys (or girls) who get a lot of action
"hey mark, since when did you get your P.H.D.? just cause amanda wouldn't fuck you... hahaha"
by lauren August 31, 2003
Pappa Has Dough
See that Lexus my biatch drives; she gots her PhD.
by A-Dog July 03, 2003
In the working world: Post Hole Digger.
Joe: Hey Johnny is a PhD.

Shawn: How is he a PhD? He doesn't even have a degree.

Joe: He is a Post. Hole. Digger.

by Vincent Santos March 03, 2006
P - Push
H - Her/Him
D - Down
Hey, how'd that dumb ass get the job.

Ohh, you mean Missy? She's got a PHD. (Make hand jester of pushing down a person's head, simulating a blow job, when you say PHD).
by RobbyJ March 01, 2006
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