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A severe punishment. Occurs when a male human slaps another living being around the face with his penis a number of times to rectify their misdoing/s.
Pete: <spills coffee>
Carl: You daft oaf, you have wrecked my evening!
Pete: How dare you offend me in such a public manner! Do you want Chaps?!?!
Carl: I'm sorry Peter! Forgive me! PLEASE!
Pete: Its Chaps for you my friend. Kneel before me and receive the cleansing of your being.
by Slow_Hands January 23, 2005
An insult suggesting that the receiver has relationships with penises in a sexual manner.
John: Ted you penis relationship haver wither!
Ted: And what? Do you mean by that
John: I mean that you have relationships with penises and you are therefore, a gay.
Ted: Oh...
by Slow_Hands January 19, 2005
PHD is usually confused by many people as something entirely different. A PHD is when you get a high qualification, a doctorate. It is usually mistaken for standing for 'Pretty Huge Dick'
<Shower room, Cambridge University>
Dr.Ralph: Whoa! Where'd you get your PHD?
Dr. Paedo: It was actually at this University not long ago. A proud acheivement!
Dr Ralph: Ahh, A late bloomer where you? Well I wish mine was as big!
Dr. Paedo: huh? You have one too!
Dr Ralph: Well thanks, but yours is much bigger, its huge!
Dr. Paedo: What are we talking about here?
Dr. Ralph: Your PHD...pretty huge dick?
Dr. Paedo: Oh haha! I'm afraid my poor friend that you have been misinformed. PHD is a qualification such as ours! A doctorate!
Dr. Ralph: Oh I see!!!
by Slow_Hands January 23, 2005

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