:Physically Hype Aesthetically tight meaning that its look wicked and great quality
yo you have a P.H.A.T ride
by Faizel October 19, 2003
Thick or heavy, as opposed to F-A-T which means adipose. Originated with Jazz musicians to describe sounds. Later used by rockers to describe tones produced by distorting signals (as from electric guitars).
Flanger gives your tone more bite; chorus makes it phat.

Most plumbers just play clean or dirty. Bird plays downright phat.
by agapathos September 22, 2003
Word commonly used by Townies to voice their enthusiasm for some mediocre music, or other thing that is usually fine, but has been ruined and spoiled
"Aha, mate. Those were some phat beats
by Tommo August 04, 2003
Pritty Horrish At Times
wow she is phat!
by §arah April 08, 2003
Interesting; cool; in-style; something cool or attractive
Wow, that's a phat iPod skin you have there!
#interesting #instyle #cool #attractive #neat
by MiStErMaN802 March 17, 2006
Pretty Hungry and Thirsty
your mom is phat

you're phat

I'm not phat
by Ratkid July 12, 2004
Adjective: A word that grotesquely large people use to describe themselves so they feel clever, witty, and funnier than that of one who is at an envied weight.
"GOD DAMN! You are one PHAT lard."
"You said it, baby! I'm BACONLICIOUS!"
#fat #baconlicious #lard #grotesque #witty
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007
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