1. A very good looking woman who has the total package when it comes to looks
2. Pussy, Hips, Ass, & Titties
Yo you see that dimepiece right there? She is phat!!!!!!
by Raya January 23, 2005
Music having alot of bass, lacking in proper structure. Trance techno
"Check my phat ass bangin' toons mush"
by ben December 15, 2004
Thick bodied, and having a large, voluptuous butt. Also an acronym for "pretty", "hot", "and", "tempting".
All of the girls out Cherry Hill are phat
by Al January 17, 2003
to describe something that looks cool
bro did u just see that car? man it was dumped on 20's and looked so phat!
by downtrail March 06, 2006
something that is almost indescribably nice or cool, a lot of the time it is mentioned when talking about girls asses.
oh my fucking shit fam, that girl has the fucking phattest ass in town.
by kennan November 01, 2005
cool, great, excellent (from an alternate spelling of fat)
That show is totally phat.
by Light Joker March 23, 2005
Pleasingly Hot and Tempting
Yo know that cute guy from chemistry? He wrote me a note and it said I was "PHAT"
by Luda Lover 24/7 December 31, 2004

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