Adjective: A word that grotesquely large people use to describe themselves so they feel clever, witty, and funnier than that of one who is at an envied weight.
"GOD DAMN! You are one PHAT lard."
"You said it, baby! I'm BACONLICIOUS!"
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007
Word which means absolute bollocks but thats understandable as it was created by knob head townies who couldn't get a GCSE after 30 years of learning the same subject.
Townie - "2+2= confused"
by Arran Delieu March 28, 2004
The definition fluctates between the definition of pretty hot and tempting and pretty huge and tubby
Example 1: Man that grrl is phat!
Example 2: Whoa man, that girl is so phat and ugly.
by Nehal March 15, 2004
Acronym for "pretty heavy and tubby." Used to describe an obese person.
"See honey, if you don't lay off the fried food, you'll end up PHAT like that scale-tipper over there!"
by Technetium July 06, 2003
P-Pathetic H-Homeless A-Asswipe T-Turban
You are one PHAT girl, I suggest weightwatchers.
by PHAT baby PHAT April 07, 2003
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