The definition fluctates between the definition of pretty hot and tempting and pretty huge and tubby
Example 1: Man that grrl is phat!
Example 2: Whoa man, that girl is so phat and ugly.
by Nehal March 15, 2004
I'm p.h.a.t. for God
by Johnny D! February 23, 2004
Acronym for "pretty heavy and tubby." Used to describe an obese person.
"See honey, if you don't lay off the fried food, you'll end up PHAT like that scale-tipper over there!"
by Technetium July 06, 2003
P-Pathetic H-Homeless A-Asswipe T-Turban
You are one PHAT girl, I suggest weightwatchers.
by PHAT baby PHAT April 07, 2003
Pleasant Hot and Tempting
Yo azz is so phat!
by rage March 04, 2003
Used to describe favourable beats of hip-hop origin.
"Man that beat's so phat it's clinically obese"
by Anonymous February 27, 2003
Phat is still Phat! Not liked as much now because it's been over popularised and people don't know how to say it properly - no attitude or true emotion or maybe just too white or pale in comparison.
Phat Beats!!
Phat Air!!
by philosophising February 16, 2007

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