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A girl, usually ages 11 - 21, who is unhealthily obsessed with poto. It usually manifests itself with the recent film adaptation, and their nonsensical squeeing over Gerik. Elitists hate them, others feel sorry for them. Either way, I'm pretty sure they're here to stay. Also see phan.
It's nothing but phangirls at the poto.imdb message boards.
by toee April 30, 2006
A female who is a fan of Phantom of the Opera. Some are true fans knowing the original Leroux and some are well, Gerik fans. It will vary depending on the fan and their obsession level. More obsessed fans tend to find a deeper meaning and knows more than four PotO versions, as to Gerik phans know no more than maybe three.
Gerik phan - OMG!!! I love Gerard butler. He is super hot!

True phan - Are you done? He's hot, but in that movie he should not be. Whats with Gerik phangirls?

Gerik phan - *rolls eyes* What eveerrr ~ Whats with creepy phangirls?
by SunnyAegyo December 16, 2010
A hopeless romantic pining for the ever elusive Erik Destler AKA Phantom of the Opera, or a fan of the movie (or book but this is less likely) in general. PHan girls are often musical buffs and their fan fictions are injected with random lyrics from a wide assortment of works.

A popular shipping for these females is the Erik(Phantom)/Christine pairing as they bemoan Christine's choice of Raoul as a horrid mistake that should have never happen. Raoul is often bashed but there are some who support the Raoul/Christine pairing.

Popular crossovers that PHan girls may enjoy include Les Miserables/Phantom of the Opera.

If one attempts to become a PHan girl it is advised that one must have YouTube available while reading incase of random songs and that Gerald Butler with a half mask is near god in many PHan girl minds.
Examples of this creature PHan Girl may be found in their natural habitat of Wattpad and sometimes migrating to Fanfiction.net.
by Pocky+Itachi+Erik=*///*<3 January 01, 2014
A girl who is obsessed with the Nick show Danny Phantom.
Phangirls usually have any Danny Phantom mechandise they can buy, insist upon watching the show, and, normally, have a very large crush on one of the characters.
by Ninja Hiding In Your Closet February 12, 2011