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A small town where unicorns run free.
Dude, did you see that unicorn running around Howell the other day??
by Thatonepersonwhosnameudk July 16, 2011
Howell is a cute little town about 30 miles from Detroit, Michigan. There is some really cool/cute shops downtown. A very nice to place to relax and have fun.
Howell is a very cute town:)
by howellcheer15 August 14, 2011
a private all girls school (apart from now the boys in 6th form) in cardiff where apparently only lesbians/sluts/rich people/geniuses are allowed to go.

i went there, it's actually nothing like that.

but we did have uniform that looked like woolworths uniform/toothpaste
oh, so you went to howells...

so are u a lesbian?

by amy301190 October 11, 2008
A well that insubordinate whores are thrown into upon failing to get their pimps money

an example of the proper usage of the word...

-Hey powder you take care of that useless ho Candy?

-Yeah she was low earner so I threw her down the "Ho Well"
by craqsacula March 16, 2009
People from Howell can be awsome or annoying. Howell is mostly known for route 9 where the most teenage car crashes occur. People from Howell are usually behind in everthing that is "cool" in the rest of the state. Teens trash talk each other and gossip on facebook for fun and when they hear that their "friend" started the rumors they fight it out at the "purple park" or in school. One other fact is that people stay in small groups, like the cheerleaders all wear the same clothing. People from Howell are known as howell-a-bamians.
Howell girl: Everyone at school wears they same clothes and everyone complains about what someone said to them on facebook.

Manalapan girl: Sheesh, you howell-a-bamians.
by Howell-a-bamia December 28, 2010
A small town somewhere in Michigan that nobody gives a damn about and for good reason. It is populated by rednecks and racists and the most entertaining thing to do there is aimlessly wander around the downtown area, nonchalantly withering way time that could be better spent somewhere else.
"Dude, have you ever been to Howell?"

"No, and I don't plan to. I heard it fucking sucks."
by SadisticNightmare July 05, 2009
Adj. "being a real jerk"

Alternative definitions: an adjective used to replace all inappropriate phrases, words, or adjectives in a public setting.
1. you are a big fat choddy howell
2. you know what you can do with your howell
3. go to howell
4. i swear i will howell you
5. son of a howell
6. i am sweating my howell off
by misselaneous February 26, 2009
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