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A pex is someone that lacks social interaction and is usually in a rehabilitation state from his earlier years of being an emo.
"Hey your wrist scars have almost cleared, too bad you'll always be a pex"
#emo #wrists #punk #blood #depression #morons #wrist cutting
by TherealSmurf April 10, 2006
Pool sex; sex in a swimming pool.
After the pool closed, I had pex with one of the lifeguards.
by hot-sauce November 01, 2015
1. A perpetual state of being.

2. The ultimate adjective, noun, and verb.

3. A term used to refer to an especially small man.

4. Author of Teh Pexshunary.
1. I R teh PEX!

2. I'm going pexxing in my pexcoat.

3. Aw, that pex was so cute, I could have fit him in my pocket!

4. What's "pern"? I don't know, let's look in Teh Pexshunary.
#pimp #small #macho #adjective #pexxing
by Roz L. November 08, 2006
Pixel sex, i.e. animated avatars having sex, usually in a visual chat program; as in, Second Life or The Sims Online. pex, pexing, pexed
My roommate lost his job cos he got addicted to pex with some hot avs in Second Life.
#pixel sex #avatars #visual chat program #second life #sims online.
by Brandy Whine June 17, 2008
a pex is slang for a pregent ex.
Patriots QB Tom brady has a pex.
#ex #pregent #pex #slang #3 letter
by Matt seay June 04, 2007
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