The ability to blow shit up with your eyes.
Derby derby derb. Perfection
by The Texas Cheesecake Massacre August 25, 2006
Someone who is everything you need in life. Someone who makes you feel what its like to be loved, to have something to look forward to; Someone who completes you
"What's your opinion on that Kelsey girl?"
"She's absolutely amazing in every way. She's perfection"
by comannat February 06, 2015
The one person who you feel you can't Live without because they make you feel like you are the luckiest person in the world.
Jew-jew is simply Perfection.
by ankit1024 January 20, 2015
Movies in bed and drinking together and smoking together and having a fan-fucking-tastic time.
Bae came over for the weekend and it was perfection.
by Gad1995 November 23, 2014
Look at perfection
by Vans and nike socks September 01, 2014

Know him without taking fake, negative and disgusting tabloids. You'll know what I mean
"You know Michael Jackson? Yeah, he's Perfection"

Dance level: Michael Jackson
by Mady la August 23, 2014
CL. The most perfect girl in the world. She instantly makes your day great with just a simple smile. She's the most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. It's not just something about her that makes her perfect, it's everything. From her natural beauty all the way to her amazing personality, it doesn't get any better than her. You'd be the luckiest person just to be her friend, and if you happen to be her boyfriend, you are instantly the luckiest being in the universe. It's impossible to not fall for the girl and it's impossible to not want to be around get at all times. Me...I feel like the luckiest guy in any universe imaginable just to know her
TB: I'm literally the most difficult person ever
CL: Nah, you're perfect

The definition of perfection is you babe
by T.C.B July 20, 2013

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