Someone who lacks flaws. Is everything someone could possibly want and need. Beautiful, funny, smart, sweet, and caring. Every positive thing you can think of saying about a person, this person would have.
Perfection = Chloee Orr-Cuzzort. <3
by AmbuhNiki August 22, 2011
A state of flawlessness.
Looking at the faces of Jessica and Tricia, they knew they were looking into a paragon of perfection.
by >:D< August 02, 2011
Having no flaws.
Yadel West is perfection.
by Joe Elle. August 30, 2010
Christian Kane....
Just look at christian Kane....He is perfection
Don't believe me....go to youtube and google....
by Craziitheiif September 26, 2009
To get at least 15 kills in a row (running riot) in Halo 3 in a slayer game with zero deaths the whole game. The medal appears once the final kill is scored.
"OMG I just got a fucking perfection against those noobs."
"Yesterday I got a ranked perfection!"
"Some asshole got a killjoy on me when I had 15 kills. Ahhh I wanted a perfection!"
by Perfection x2 September 13, 2009
When somebody exerts the qualities of being attractive, smart, and well-loved.
Evan and Emily are perfection.
by evadivaHCB September 11, 2009
What all the scene kids try to achieve on Myspace.
Just look at the scene Myspace perfection trains
by Anono Guy January 09, 2008

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