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Beautiful, sweet, "innocent" , loving, and caring. Cute face, pretty eyes. Smart. And best of all. Perfect ass. Aka, Faith.
"Wow, That Faith H. Girl is perfection."
by Sweat T May 06, 2013
2 1
A word one would use to describe something they see without flaws, somewhat of an opinion
Aaron is an image of perfection through my vision(:
by Emi^.^ August 25, 2012
2 1
Someone who lacks flaws. Is everything someone could possibly want and need. Beautiful, funny, smart, sweet, and caring. Every positive thing you can think of saying about a person, this person would have.
Perfection = Chloee Orr-Cuzzort. <3
by AmbuhNiki August 22, 2011
2 1
A state of flawlessness.
Looking at the faces of Jessica and Tricia, they knew they were looking into a paragon of perfection.
by >:D< August 02, 2011
2 1
the state of being without a flaw or defect
Stuart Shelton Hallow is perfection beyond doubt.
by deros March 08, 2011
2 1
Zach + Erin <3
Those two are so amazing, they must be the very definition of perfection!
by OhGoshIdk ;D <333 December 06, 2010
6 5
Having no flaws.
Yadel West is perfection.
by Joe Elle. August 30, 2010
5 4