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Brittanya O'Campo
Brittanya is sexyyyyy, she is also the definition of perfection because she is so beautiful !
by *&^%$#$%^&*(*&^%$ May 13, 2009
130 105
Have you seen this guy? HE'S PERFECTION."
by REECE MASTIN'S FUTURE WIFE. November 23, 2011
44 25
the worst fault of them all
his perfection was so complete he was unhuman
by als101 September 06, 2009
35 17
Sleeping With Sirens
It just doesn't need an example, SWS are the definition of perfection.
by I am Jesus, don't question me December 29, 2012
16 3
A woman who manages to combine personality and beauty to make the girl every man dreams about.
I once knew this girl that was smart, funny, sweet, and beautiful. She was all anyone could ever want. She was absolute perfection.
by Kevin Mondor April 24, 2006
30 22
The definition of perfection:

Something in a constant state of evoution or change. Everything is constantly changing from the smallest organism to the largest galaxy. Society's definition of perfection is something complete, but this is impossible because nothing is ever complete; i'ts always in a state of constant change.
'People don't sit there and watch the sun during the day in the sky. They either watch to see the sun set, or watch the sun rise, as it is always in a state of contstant change.'

That is perfection.
by Hazel H. June 15, 2011
9 2
Taylor Thomas.
Taylor Thomas doesn't need an example because Taylor Thomas is the definition of perfection and doesn't require a definition.
by heyitsshannon7 March 10, 2013
14 8