When a little boy, usually between the ages 8, and 14 is severely raped or molested by a much older saggy man in the shower.
You totally go James Gonion on them.
Kent: Dude, i heard something happened awhile back.
Carll: Yeah, i was Penn Stated in the shower.
Kent: Ahh Shit man, im sorry to hear that.
Carll: My anus still bleeds daily.
by HaSean Darnarius November 23, 2011
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The place where 3/4 of the population have a passion for penis. Fans talk so much shit and when they lose, they cry and blame it on the anyone else but their own pathetic, shitty, sports team.

Overall, Penn State and their fans are complete garbage!!!
Penn State fan: "we would have won if the fans would make a call....although we suck a lot of cock."
by psufan666 February 24, 2010
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The school with the most school pride, in good times and bad; the best local ice cream (both the Creamery and Cold Stone); the biggest and baddest party school on earth; one of the TOP universities in the country (look it up); best fucking school on the planet.
We Are... Penn State

When I say JOE, you say PA.
by Tweeder McFeedles March 07, 2005
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The most elite university in the United States.
Jimmy went to Penn State, he's so smart!
by frosty June 14, 2004
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The best school in the country, rated number one party school by Bacardi, Playboy refused to rank Penn State in their party rankings because they claimed "it was not fair to rank professionals among amateurs."
Penn State, Penn State University, Orange Bowl Winners, we were the beginnings of such greats as Larry Johnson and Michael Robinson
by Robbie Kumar January 22, 2007
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hands down the best school to party at no matter which campus you attend
cause:"lets go hang out with my friend at Pennstate this weekend"
effect:"what, it's monday? what happened this weekend? i can't remember"
by Thomas Dowdney April 14, 2005
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A college (if you can call it that) in bumblefuck, PA. Located in the middle of no where. It's home to about 40,000 students, who really have no direction in life. They have a mediocre football team who is too scared to play Pitt after the last beatdown Pitt bestowed upon them. Also if you cant get into Pitt you go to Penn State where most likely you will be one of 3 things:
1. Gay
2. Criminal (located by many prisons who accept students after graduation day)
3. Clown

Penn State tries to play in the big 10 (or wait is it 11). There is actually 11 teams in this conference because well you guessed it penn state couldnt count that therte was already 10 teams in the conference when they joined. You can see the shittany lions football team getting beatdown on any given saturday by the likes of OSU, Mich., Notre Dame, Iowa, Pitt, their girls volleyball team, and many Div 1AA schools.

All in all dont go to penn state, because once your there you might as accept the fact that you will most likely never make a significant contribution to society
Hey mom, I could not get into Pitt, so I am going to go to Penn State where I can learn how to become a leech to society.
by pitt4ever March 29, 2010
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