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A group of two or more guys masturbating, especially in an enclosed area.
John's room was a creamery as they watched Playboy.
by NB_Nathan November 19, 2007
1. The act of creaming
2. A store which sells nourishment usually of a lactose consistancy; usually also of a moderate to high libid content.
1. You have been convicted of drinkery, eatery, and creamery. Does the suspect have any comments?
2. Hey! Lets go to the creamery to purchase and consume some lactose biproducts and afterwards go to my place for animal sex! Are you still on the phone? Hello?!
by Big D and The Stay At Homers April 01, 2005
The flesh between a woman's vagina and her asshole.
I can't believe my tongue slipped down her creamery.
by Wee-Wee October 19, 2009
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