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A cocky car
Ride the penis mobile for true enjoyment!
by dick December 30, 2003
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A car so stupid that it makes you look like a penis while driving it.

Ford Escort, Smart Car, Hyundai Accent etc.
Tema drove the penismobile to school today. Gosh that Ford Escort makes him look like such a penis!
by Suzuki96 May 25, 2011
automobile for which one whose penis is so big that it cannot be manually moved from place to place that it must be carried about in its own four wheeled engine driven car
oscar meyer weiner mobile
by Dr. boofice smirfington July 15, 2004
A ghetto pimped-out setta wheels. A sportscar or sporty sedan made all flashy and conspicuous, often owned by men who need this attention because they feel insecure about their penis size.
The Honda Civic is a favorite choice for penismobiles, and I'm not sure exactly why.
by junkyard prince October 14, 2003

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