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The stage after Blue Balls.
"Oh man, its been so long since I got laid I've gone from Blue Balls to Purple Penis"
by matrixy September 25, 2011
The superhero alter-ego of the character Cat in the Newgrounds Flash series Retarded Animal Babies Episode 4: Stupor Heroes, animated by David C. Lovelace. He has the 'power to penetrate mighty fortresses', though he 'prefers shaved fortresses.' See also: Infinity Lad, Bruce Willis-Man,Satan Man, the Fucking Fucker, and the Triple-D Triplets.
Cat: I'm the Purple Penis! I penetrate mighty fortresses, and sometimes hairy ones!

Puppy: No, I called Purple Penis!

Cat: No, you said you were going to be the Green Penis.

Bunny: Green Penis? Eeeewwww!
by aka_Pyro September 26, 2007
after u fuck your penis turns purple because u fucked witout a condom
i fucked allie too much and i got purple penis
by alec February 20, 2004
When u fuck in the butt so hard that it causes ur penis to fall off.
I fucked Will in the butt so gave me a purple penis.
by Willlovah March 26, 2004
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