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The famed ride of Oscar Meyer. Also comes in whistle form.
Surfer White Dude: "Whoa, check out that giant schlong out on Main Street!"
Homeless Black Guy: "Cracka thats just the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile"
by dandy andy January 19, 2005

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A mobile device resembling the shape of a 'Weiner' also known as the male genitalia, 'Penis'. Hence making the 'Weinermobile' a 'Moving Penis.'
Today this word refers to the Oscar Meyer 'Weinermobile' which commonly patrols the United States spreading the parent companies illustrious name.
Hey Pat, look at that fine looking weinermobile coming down the road.

by Tony Montana April 08, 2003
the erection of a mans penis
The weiner mobile took a ride on the chocolate freeway!
by bex rach bam November 14, 2004