An alcohalic drink made with orange juice, 7 Up and flavored vodka. Any flavor can be specified, but if unspecified, it's made with lime vodka
Next time I go to the bar, I'm going to order a pecker wrecker
by jrindakota November 11, 2006
describes a dumb bitch who, while trying to fornicate your unit with her mouth, uses too much teeth and bangs up the sides of your junk as if she were some kind of fuckin shark attacking a bloody sirloin.
My gear is fucked because that porcupine mouth whore amber blew me and scrapped my gear all to shit! That fuckin shark is a pecker wrecker.
by chonger November 28, 2005
Any girl with a mouthful of braces that wants to give you a blowjob.
Dude, that chick with the braces over there has an awesome rack, but her mouth is a PECKER WRECKER for sure.
by PUNK ROB November 17, 2010
Someone is terrible at oral sex. Usually has braces.
Guy 1: How was last night with her?
Guy 2: it was good until I found out she was a pecker wrecker.
Guy 1: well, I hope you're okay.
by deadsleep April 15, 2014
a female who causes your member to become chaffed and sore due to lengthy sessions of hard and unlubricated intercourse.
we fucked so long , that girl is a pecker wrecker.
by dstr February 09, 2008
A woman who gives you a Venerial disease, thus making her a pecker wrecker.

How did your date go?
Good until i banged her.
She gave me the hot dick! A pecker wrecker
by chonger November 28, 2005
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