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the noise a lady makes in bed
oooooohhhhhh yes yes harder harder
by Shibby September 20, 2003
A condition whereby letters get mixed up making a person read badly.
Dyslexics hate Christmas, because that's when Satan comes!
by Shibby August 03, 2004
noun; A person who thinks it's cool to dress amish, but still uses electricity.
"Poser amish getting out her minivan again!"
by Shibby August 22, 2005
According to C. "Roast Beef" Kazenzakis of Achewood fame (www.achewood.com), the Kilty Monroe is when a Scottish man walks over a steam grate and the hot air blows his kilt up to reveal his blood pudding.
Whilst visiting Scotland, my eyes were baraged by several Kilty Monroe's.
by Shibby September 13, 2004
Coby, David, Tobin and Jerry
Papa Roach rule their the best ever
by Shibby September 20, 2003
According to C. "Roast Beef" Kazenzakis of Achewood fame (www.achewood.com), the Livid Pedro is when the boy has too much tequila and he is just FURIOUS.
The boyfriend, severely intoxicated, pounded his girlfriend like a Livid Pedro.
by Shibby September 13, 2004
Its the term used for sitting on a bench and talking to random people wen they walk past, the aim is to see how many people will stop and talk, who is the most entertaining and if you can see them the next time u r shibling.
Often while stoned!
we were shibling last night and we had 3 people.
by Shibby October 02, 2003

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