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Abbrieviation for "pretty damn good". Can be used to describe anything from television shows to food. Synonym to "sweet" and "dec".
"That episode of Stargate last night where O'neill was stuck in that loop was pdg."

"Damn! Those cheesy potatoes your mom makes are pdg."
by Katie Holmes February 26, 2005
Post Dump Goosebump Syndrome
After taking large disposal of human waste (aka dump) a person sometimes develops goosebumps. This is known as PDGS. See also PSGS, SSGS.
by cklueg August 09, 2009
any Public Display of Gayness;
also can mean Public Dick Grabbing
"Jeff if you touch my ass again I WILL scream PDG!!!"
by Andythestud September 26, 2005
Potential dick grabber, especially of the male persuasion, but not necessarily gay--in fact, almost never gay.
Dude, on the floor dancing earlier, a girl totally grabbed my dick, but I turned around and it was definitely Giancarlo. Watch yourself 'round that fucker, he's a total PDG.
by Dr. Kearsley September 15, 2012
abrv. for Pretty Damn Gay
"Andrew is PDG!"
by rainbomonkeybuttsex October 05, 2011