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Note To Self.
Followed by a message of something that you need to remember.
"Note To Self: Get revenge on Eric!"
"NTS: Get revenge on Eric!"
by Klementinsorg October 11, 2007
The beat in techno songs.
A techno song: Nts nts nts.
by x_masterofpuppets_x January 15, 2007
NOT THAT SMART. people who really cant explain their ability to say things that are stupid, or not that smart
Person 1: I was gonna get a tattoo of the date i die, but then i realized i'd be dead before i could get the tattoo...
Person 2: Oh my god, that was an nts moment right there.
by nts_official November 25, 2010
Not that serious
this situation is NTS... So chill jsi
by jsinger657 February 12, 2011
Text Messaging Acronym. Created since "lol" is the new "I have nothing to say" this acronym is used to replace it. May also be used instead of "I plead the fifth". --Originated in San Jose, California.--
Dude i'm studying for the test.

Where were you during the time of 9:17pm?
by PointyNipples September 22, 2009
Not that Sweet.
Did you see Pete's girlfriend?
Yeah, totally NTS.
by StephenPorter July 10, 2008
acronym for Needless to Say, used especially in e-mail and instant messaging, similarly to LOL.

Refers to something both parties know about but are referring to.
1. NTS it sucked going to work on Monday.

2. I drank eleven margaritas last night. NTS I felt like shit this morning.
by RedBull January 24, 2005

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