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denton is the coolest man alive. he has very big muscles and is very strong. he is a hit with the ladies. he is a nice person deep down but acts like a gangster.
that dude is such an awesome denton.
by cow cheese September 12, 2011
A city name so common that is appeared in both "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and its sequel, Shock Treatment, as a generic every-town USA.

The most famous Denton is Denton, Texas, (pop. approx. 120,000), located about 30 miles NW of Dallas along I-35. Denton is home to renowned industry, great food, an infamous 1960s/1970s hippie population, Texas Woman's University, and most famously, the University of North Texas. Great bands have emerged from Denton's music scene (itself an offshoot of the UNT music school, one of the best in the nation), such as the Toadies, Baboon, Tripping Daisy, Polyphonic Spree, the Eagles, and Norah Jones.
UNT alum Norah Jones: Hey, how do I get to Denton?

UNT alum Paul Shaffer: Drive North on I-35 until civilization stops, the major highway goes down to two lanes, and you're convinced you're about to accidentally stumble into Oklahoma. Cross the Lewisville bridge, and ten minutes later you should be in Denton.

UNT alum Peter Weller: And five minutes after that you'll be past it.
by BourbonDictionary August 01, 2011
when someone is to committed to going on a night out even when nobody wants to
your a fucking denton you
by lemontree1234567890 January 05, 2011

The act of pulling a Denton.
To achieve an ideal Denton:
1. Stand in front of a mirror with your camera in hand, as if to take a normal camwhore picture.
2. Position the camera, so as to cover as much of your face/head as possible.
3. Take the picture.
Note: In step 3, it may help to turn on the flash. This allows for maximum coverage of the face and/or head, thus enabling you to achieve a quality Denton.

If your face and/or head is entirely covered by the camera, then you have achieved a Denton.
Bob: Oh look, I covered my face with the camera while I was trying to camwhore!
John: You pulled a Denton!

I was taking pictures last night in my mirror, and accidentally pulled a Denton.

I keep trying to get a good camwhore picture, but I always end up pulling a Denton!
by IPulledaDenton February 18, 2010
To screw something up; British slang for penis.
Bush and Blair really dentoned that war in Iraq, didn't they?
by Rich Berg June 09, 2007
v, intransitive:
To make a huge mistake in public, often repeatedly.

Also: noun, a penis.

Reference to Nick Denton of Gawker, who repeatedly declared he'd discovered the identity of Fake Steve Jobs, but kept guessing the wrong people.
Dude, you totally dentoned it when you said Leander Kahney was Fake Steve.


Dude, you are such a denton.
by Fake Steve Jobs June 12, 2007
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