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Grabbing is the courtship routine within the pikey fraternity, normally used on one's sister to show your sexual attraction to her by attempted molestation.
I saw your boi last night, he was out grabbing your sister.
by sheepdogtrainer January 21, 2011
'Grabbing' is a method of seduction used by gypsy adolescent males on gypsy females - verging upon sexual assault.

Grabbing is performed by harassing the female (usually in a social situation), taking a grip of her arm and not letting go until you receive a kiss.
Jonboy and Waynehead head to another campsite on a grabbing mission.
by RockySamboa January 26, 2011
GRABBING is NOT attempted rape. It's forceful and imposing courting/flirting mostly by gypsy men towards gypsy women/young girls to whom they have a strong attraction. Sometimes it does get a bit too much and could be termed as attempted sexual assault but on a lower grade.
This was shown on the hit channel 4 programme MY BIG FAT GYPSY WEDDING!
Those guys are looking forward to Grabbing at the wedding reception tonight.
by Donald Earl aka 3rd Earl January 18, 2011