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The act of revenge.
This is PAYBACK for cheating on me, beeyatch!!
by Joshiro007 February 17, 2003
115 16
retribution, repremanding, punshment for harm to someone else
It's payback time. Your ass is grass.
by Light Joker November 18, 2006
54 26
A bitch.
Hiroshima was payback for Pearl Harbor.
Did she really just say that?
by Daydreamishly February 18, 2009
31 18
1.return money to sb. punish, or to revenge sb
1.I pay back money to the building society every month.
2.I will pay him back for his bad treatment.
by afreherz October 06, 2009
5 3
Master of teamkilling, ruler of the noobs, king of the et-jungle
Another tk dont be such a pay-back
noob: yes o great pay-back
pay-back it your self
by Van Dale July 07, 2004
0 4
PAYBACK- The dead possum that was flung through the sunroof of your best friends car that now sits in your lap.
Man, this payback stinks!
by ReRe888 May 31, 2011
7 14