The shipping of Sheldon Cooper and Penny off "Big Bang Theory", even is the name of the fanfiction community on Livejournal
Me: What shipping do u support on Big Bang Theory?
You: I'm an Leonard/Penny Shipper
Me: I'm an Paradox shipper (grins)
You: What's that?
Me: The pairing of Sheldon and Penny... they're such a paradox, therefore the ship name.
by PurpleOrchid85 November 12, 2010
A website created by a teenage girl (Online name: Soloria) for her and her friends to roleplay on. Generally one of the only original roleplay websites on the internet.
Soloria: Hey, May, no one's gotten on Paradox today!
May: Jonah said she'd be online later. Chill out...

Alex: Hey, you seen Avel on Paradox lately?
Soloria: Ya, he was on earlier. He showed me the wonders of Meatspin.
Alex: Meatspin? Wassat?
Soloria: <link>
Soloria: Now, let's rp.
Alex: Fine... ;___;
by Triumphant Queen of Everything February 11, 2012
Something too damn complicated to explain and therefore irrelevant, especially when someone uses it all the time without actually knowing what it means.
Gina: Did you see the dog jump in front of the truck?

Annoying Guy 1: I know, it's such a paradox.

Gina- Rolls eyes
by Insert Clever Name Here January 23, 2013
A sound logical argument leading to a logical absurdity.
Here is a paradox:

Nothing is better than a glass of beer.
A half-glass of beer is better than nothing.
Therefore, a half-glass of beer is better than a glass of beer.
by Cap'n Bullmoose November 11, 2006
A shot consisting of one part kaluha, one part goldschlager, and one part malibu. It is a potent shot, used only to consume the last quanities of alchohol in your house as so your future self does not return home in order to consume it, thereby lessening the chance of a time-space paradox.
Man1: "Yo I think our future selves are confusing our friends and might stop by to drink the last of the booze."

Man2: "Shit, then we better make a quick round of paradox shots as so they don't show up."

Man1: "Bitchin."

Future Man 1: "Fuck, we drank the last of the booze."

Future Man 2: "Well, no use in going back to the house then."
by Nads The Great February 21, 2010
A pair (i.e. 2) of ducks.
I went to the farm and slaughtered a paradox.
by Cunningest Linguist September 26, 2006
The collection of two docks
American Middle-Man: Man! That guys so rich he has a paradox!!
American Middle-Man #2: Couldn't have bailed us out could he?
by JoeManx June 02, 2009

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