1) One exhibiting inexplicable or contradictory aspects
2) The box for the Para machine gun, except spelt wrong with a "D" instead of a "B"
1)Man, those time line paradoxs in Star Trek were awesome!
2) Have you seen my paradox? It has my recepit in it...
by The Black Plague June 27, 2003
a paradox in timetravel is implying that you are in a situation where you need 2 of you at once or even three or four. you cant controll what the other (you's) do. so it is impossable to controll the outcome(s).
you go back in time
you see yourself 5 miutes ago
your other you sees you
he goes back in time
you are in a paradox
by rat burgis April 08, 2008
Something that is both right and wrong. Something that contradicts itself, and usu. thereby proves a thesis by refutation or instantiation.
If I went back in time and killed my mother, then I would be dead. But I would never have been able to go back in time to kill my mother if I died.
by anycon June 23, 2003
somthing that happened but according to science, shouldnt happen
ghost are paradox
by Blitz June 18, 2003
Nickname for any woman of Dutch decent who is smart, vivacious and very pretty. Known for random acts of kindness e.g Maths tutoring.

'Paradox' as she is called is best friend of one Spieluhr
An example of Paradox is not possible, as you cannot fully replicate her persona and beauty in written terms.
by Spieluhr February 15, 2005
A statement that will cause a robots' heads to spin around and explode.
HomerThis statement is a lie.
RobotBut if it's a lie, then it must be true, and if its true, then it must be a lie, and if it's a lie then head spins around and explodes.
lol paradox^^
by antsinmypants January 14, 2008
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