While the generally accepted definniton of the word is a statement that is impossible while being perhaps not untrue, there is another, more widely,usable instance of the word. Simply put, a "paradox" can also be used to mean two doctors.
"I went to the hospital today. While I was speaking to a nurse, a paradox came running down the hall. Turns out they were late for a game of golf with the mayor."
by Zorplex July 21, 2005
A catch-22 of sorts. Basically, it means that something counterintuitive to common sense's dictations could be potentially true as well....or in layman's terms, a no-win situation.
You need A for B, but you must have B first to get A.
by Shawn B. June 27, 2003
1. Something or someone that exists or behaves in contradiction to itself or himself
2. Application from the Corel Office Suite
1. He fought a battle that he was ultimately opposed to.
2. Some companies use Corel Paradox for their databases
by Gary Destruction June 19, 2003
An anomalous state of reality caused when a mage disrupts the momentum of reality with her own magickal acts.
Luther exploded with fifteen points of paradox when he botched in the umbra.
by Adam Bond December 17, 2005
another word for the end of the world, this is in relation to the way a phrase contradicts itself because revelation is rhumoured to say that when the world ends everything contradicts itself all at once in all forms and starts the end of the world.
"It's too hot in here, go and get me a jacket because it is way too cold in here"
by P4R4D0X May 21, 2005
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