The collection of two docks
American Middle-Man: Man! That guys so rich he has a paradox!!
American Middle-Man #2: Couldn't have bailed us out could he?
by JoeManx June 02, 2009
Read below.
The below statement is false.
The above statement is true.
by Mr. Obvious April 12, 2004
A sound logical argument leading to a contradiction.
Russell's Paradox is a good example. Russell poses the question: "If R is a set of all sets which don't contain themselves, does R contain itself?" If it does, then it doesn't. If it doesn't, then it does.
by Colin Wetherbee June 24, 2003
Something that cannot be defined.
This is a paradox...
by Skinny Fists October 13, 2007
an apparent impossible or contradictory situation
an example of a paradox is if you send a cat back in time and that cat kills your father as a baby
by jay-jay the jetplane September 02, 2007
1: Something that contradicts itself , eg:
You need A to get B. You cant get A without having B.

2: A popular Hacking/Cracking team which makes keygens and warez. Their programs often have catchy techno loops in the background.
1: You need a to get to B.
You cant get A without having B.

2: I always use Paradox, for keygens and cool shit. They are so leet, but you dont hear much from em anymore. =/
by my kjones June 19, 2006
While the generally accepted definniton of the word is a statement that is impossible while being perhaps not untrue, there is another, more widely,usable instance of the word. Simply put, a "paradox" can also be used to mean two doctors.
"I went to the hospital today. While I was speaking to a nurse, a paradox came running down the hall. Turns out they were late for a game of golf with the mayor."
by Zorplex July 21, 2005

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