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To rat someone out. To eat cheese. To snitch. To tell on somebody to the feds.

Roots are from Stan "Pampy" Barre, a New Orleans businessman who after being pressured by the feds, started telling on everybody in the city.
Charles was squeezed by the feds, so he went Pampy and told on everybody to save himself.

by dapoodog October 24, 2007
A male with a shiny, tanned, tight looking face.
"WOW! That man has a pampy face!"
This was a strange word that my sister and I had for men with very shiny faces when we were kids. No one we knew EVER used this word, because it only existed in our warped little minds!!!! How we came up with it in the first beyond both of us!!!
by Shelvis Presley November 23, 2007
Someone who gets owned all the time like mostly half breeds or just quar lookin kids
The Example of the perfect pampy is Mark Dlepiero Cause he is not white but a half breed who always gets owned
by Matt December 19, 2004
1. The mood woman are in right before menstration.
2. Cranky or moody.
3. PMS'ing.
My, Sally sure is pampy today.
by Anna March 19, 2004
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