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Old English for queer
You are a major quar.
by one braincell April 30, 2004
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£1. One british pound
Its somewhere inbetween a quid and a bar.
eg 1. "Can you lend me 1 quar?"
eg 2. "That'll cost 2 quar please"
by Wums February 24, 2010
The Southern equivalent of a queer. Pronounced - Qw-AR, usually deragatory unless you are actually from the south and are speaking about a homosexual. Also can be used to denote someone who is acting stupid.
Homosexual terms are no longer solely derogatory, our lexicon has changed the meaning to mean anyone, gay or straight that is an idiot, so don't get offended you god damn quar.
by bc1391 June 01, 2010
a fine chocolate man who is always there for his friends. also has a phd: pretty huge dick
look at that guy over there, he's such a Quar.
by qb1212 January 31, 2015
A slang term used by americans referring to a "queer"
Alex Barra is a quar
by Alex Barra February 02, 2011

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