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An extremely large male penis. AKA dick, cock , wood .
Yo, when I pulled out my knute, she almost passed out when she saw the size of the thing.
by dapoodog October 24, 2007
To rat someone out. To eat cheese. To snitch. To tell on somebody to the feds.

Roots are from Stan "Pampy" Barre, a New Orleans businessman who after being pressured by the feds, started telling on everybody in the city.
Charles was squeezed by the feds, so he went Pampy and told on everybody to save himself.

by dapoodog October 24, 2007
To wear no underwear is to go Notre Dame. Notre Dame = No Drawers.

Free Ballin.
I had no money to wash clothes this week, so I gotta go Notre Dame until my student loan comes through.
by dapoodog October 24, 2007

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