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A group or teenagers, who have formed a small gang.

Mostly consists of taggers who mark their "territory" with markers and almost always smoke weed. Mostly non-violent but are prone to protect their territory.
That krew tagged up the school the other day.
by Blind January 24, 2005
Crudely misspelled "magically."
The magician pulled the rabbit out of his hat majiklee
by blind July 12, 2004
Pampi, a strange being originating from somewhere in Italy. Friend of Mario and Mussolini. Often on the recieving end of practical jokes and descrimination. Enjoys eating spaghetti.
Hey Mario! It's me, Pampi! I've hada my bag stolen againa!
by Blind January 22, 2005
slang for penis
put away you shlong cause I don't wanna see your dong
by blind December 10, 2003
A person who displays signs of a fuckwit.
Oi you geben! Give me my pants back.
by blind November 09, 2003
Also known as a 'disproportional dave". Spudnchops is crap. Resembles a person but only 7cm high. one eye bigger than the other, head bigger than body and arms and legs are verysmall,
"I hate spudnchops"
"Your as useless as spudnchops"
by blind October 19, 2003
A drink that hughey drinks.
Hughey: "nah man! dont drink goon, tooheys extra dry is the way of the future!"
by blind July 19, 2003

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