Powder heroin wrapped tightly in paper so that if the piggies get you it can easily be swallowed. Usually $20 worth but can be more or less depending on who you're talking to.
Say to the dealer: "I need 2 packs."
by k8ball January 14, 2005
A group that works much like a family. Usually comprised of a varying number of friends.
Sometimes, a pack is made to give those with no true home a home and family.
"Pack is family, we go to each other with our problems."
by KretariShadow March 31, 2013
Leicester slang for 'stop'.

Often used as a verb ('Pack doin' vat!') or an interjection ('pack it in!')

In the case of 'pack it in', the last syllable is often elongated when spoken by children or the mentally deficient, resulting in a long, whining phrase that causes the target of the command to 'pack' whatever it is that's annoying the speaker, out of sheer annoyance.
'Pack it in, will yoh?'

'Pack swearin', yer cun'.'
by Shatty Fatmas May 18, 2013
An exclamation indicating the positive aspects of being part of a homogeneous group of people. An extension of the social comfort provided by being a member of such a group.
Ron: Hey, Jeff, let's get the boys together for drinks tonight

Jeff: That's a pack idea, brother Ron!
by obracadabra January 17, 2012
a small cellophane containing drugs. usually cocaine or amphetamines.
"It ain't even safe to sell a pack at night- pigs everywhere man"
by jim June 24, 2003
when using dip or chew it is customary to first shake the can or lightly tap it against something to bunch it up so you will have a better dipping experience.
Person 1: Hey man give a repack that shits too loose.

Person 2: Alright ill use the knee method.
by Ames Hill November 14, 2007
def 1) verb. To humiliate someone by pointing out their deformities, their possessions or their lack of possession etc.

def 2) noun. A joke used to make a person feel bad about themselves
def 1) Male: That dude on yo mama got "packed" so hard

def 2) Female: I know i might have to use the "pack" one day
by sundie April 29, 2010

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