A group of people bound together by the writings of Anne Walsh and so much more.
The Pack can be found at TFA, reading the Dangerverse.
by Michael Kerr September 21, 2007
to diss or make fun of someone
He just packed your ass.
I'm about to pack you.
She packed the shit out of you!
(say some kind of insult)
by Big Deuce April 22, 2008
v. To eat lots of absorbant foods such as bread and pancakes and drink lots of water before you go drinking. Packing gives you the ability to drink more in one night and helps prevent the severity of a hangover, or just prevent the hangover all together.
Johnny packed before he drank and is hangover-free!
by Matt February 20, 2005
A group of people that have to ride, and work together. Also have the same phone number and will never show up to a job.
Im never sending a pack from Hayneville AL. to work again.
by Dr. Ann Montgomery December 21, 2004
used in reference to a pack of cigarettes
"Hey, you got a spare pack?"

"Wanna buy me a pack?"

by Shaitan May 08, 2004
Pack is a word often used in place of the word fuck and all of its variations.
Pack off you dill hole!
by Pistolaero February 21, 2009
To steal something. (this word can only be used to describe stealing from a corporation, or store. Not to be used when stealing from another person.)
I just Packed an iPOD from Fry's Electronics.
Are you going to pack that CD ?
Please Pack me a pack . . . of blank cd's.
by James Jewett August 04, 2006

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