def 1) verb. To humiliate someone by pointing out their deformities, their possessions or their lack of possession etc.

def 2) noun. A joke used to make a person feel bad about themselves
def 1) Male: That dude on yo mama got "packed" so hard

def 2) Female: I know i might have to use the "pack" one day
by sundie April 29, 2010
Slang term for an insult., noun
Term used to signal the start of a verbal altercation. Ussually initiated by clapping hands together and directing forefingers toward your opponent.
Baltimore Slang term used to define an insult, usually one-up'ed by giving someone "the meal"
Jon:I'm definatly about to pack you up!
by Red1000 July 12, 2009
a word that you say to a person indicating that you want them to pack you a cone.
he said pack... to the guy holding the bong and bowl.
by crazyeddieman December 13, 2005
usally in a clear bag containing the product that one must hustle the bag may contain green, crack, pills, ect.
weedhead/homeboy--whats up my nig
hustla--shit whats good
weedhead/homeboy--you might as well smoke one wit yo boy you got a whole PACK
hustla--shit cop one i'll match
weedhead/homeboy--alright thats what up you got the blunts
by dmoe August 09, 2005
A group of three asians, usally mixed gender travling together, most likely about to hunt small children.
Kids!... Kids, stay away from that pack, they will eat you!
Travel channel- "watch as this pack of asians feast on their freshly hunted children."
by 69 McGoo February 10, 2010
A man's genitals and/or the surrounding area.
I think that chick was lookin' at my pack
by Omni November 13, 2003
Hillbilly term for carrying something!
Hey Jethro, I got my foodstamps today want you pack them groceries in for me!

Imma pack my baby in the house, then imma be back to whip yer ass!
by Momma Nay Nay April 12, 2010

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