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The fear of screaming. Named after Maria Sharapova, whose success in tennis was due mainly to the off-setting effect of primal screams she emitted constantly during her matches. Rationalized to tennis officials as a release of the explosive energy required for hard serves and ground strokes, the main intention was to psyche and dominate her opponents by derailing their concentration using irritating aural noise. Constant exposure to this noise over long matches can be shown to leave an oily plaque on the eardrum and cause dizziness and a rattling sensation in the ears. Potential opponents of such screamers often suffer from Sharaphovia.
When will tennis officials finally ban the infantile tactics used by some players of screaming. How many women in the sport must be handicapped by the dreaded Sharaphovia.
by obracadabra November 19, 2012
loose fitting pants, with elasticized waist band. Made to accommodate for the abdominal expansion that occurs after 2nd and subsequent visits to the all-you-can-eat buffet bar in Chinese (and other) buffet restaurants.
Chinese restaurant waiter: Hey, fat boy, your pants just ripped.... you go home now!
Fat Boy: Drat! Time for some new Chinese buffet pants.... just as soon as I finish this last plateful of remon chicken.
by obracadabra December 14, 2011
An exclamation indicating the positive aspects of being part of a homogeneous group of people. An extension of the social comfort provided by being a member of such a group.
Ron: Hey, Jeff, let's get the boys together for drinks tonight

Jeff: That's a pack idea, brother Ron!
by obracadabra January 17, 2012

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